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Blog of the Month: Aesthetic Nest

March 22, 2013

Child's Apron

Our Blog of the Month for March is Aesthetic Nest, whose blog mistress is Anneliese. A self described "finisher", Anneliese is the first crafter I've come across who prefers the finished project to the process of making. Her blog is a basically a list of all her finished goods and oh, what beauties they are. Anneliese's 3 stated goals for her blog are: Creative, Authentic and Inspiring. As cheesy as it sounds, I think she can mark each of those off with a check mark. Her blog meets all of her goals and more. I am truly inspired by her projects though they may not begat authenticity in me because I want mine to look just like Anneliese's! She writes in her about page that "I have more lists of things to make than hours" but after visiting her page I have more projects to covet than hours in which to make them. Sigh, I wish she was my next-door neighbor. 

Snowflake Applique

Aesthetic Nest is my new favorite blog and it is not just because she is the mom of all girls (like me) or because she loves to sew all the time (like me) or because she also dabbles in yarn (umm, like me) but it is because her blog is full-to the brim- with tutorials. I love tutorials! The pictures are amazing and so are the projects. Anneliese has a How to Crochet series for you to follow. As well as many, many sewing and knitting projects that you can recreate. There are many things to learn over at Aesthetic Nest, here is where I mention the Heirloom Chenille Baby Blankets again! Some of the projects are delightfully simple, when you need just a pick-me-up and a day when something needs to go your way. Some are more intensive when you have time to dedicate and really want to be present in the project. I love them all. You must check out the Dinosaur Party for Boys and Girls, Child's Reversible Apron, Crochet Snow Flake Appliqué, and Lacy Sweater (A Lion Brand Pattern but gorgeous knit up by Anneliese).

Anneliese is full of good ideas and patterns. You can check out her Etsy store to purchase your favorite, check her out on Ravelry for all her crochet and knitting projects, as well as follow her on Pinterest

All Pictures are Copyright Aesthetic Nest

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