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Weaving Prints: Old Fabrics, New Design

January 13, 2013

I've said it before and I'll say it again: There's no such thing as too many bags. Good thing, too, because I am really trying to find fun uses for my stash!

I really like mixing patterns, and I had some black-and-white Michael Miller scraps on hand that I was yearning to find a use for. But I wanted to do something different than piecing. So, I decided to try weaving a couple of them together with a little help from Heat'n Bond.

First, I cut two pieces of Heat'n Bond to the size I wanted my finished bag, plus seam allowance, and adhered them to the backs of my two fabrics, then trimmed the fabric down to the size of the pieces. Next, I peeled the paper backing off.

After the paper was removed, I cut the pieces into strips, one lengthwise, and one crosswise.


For the next step, I cut a piece of backing fabric (mine's a lightweight twill) bigger than I needed to use as a base for my fusibles. Then I arranged the longer set of pieces on top of it, abutting the edges.

And then, one at a time, I wove in my shorter pieces. After each shorter length piece was in place, I gave it a quick touch with a hot iron to keep things in place, being careful to leave all unwoven areas free.


6-woven-bag.jpgOnce all pieces were woven together, I went over the whole piece with my iron to make sure it was all thoroughly bonded together, and then I cut away the excess backing fabric.

After my front piece was assembled, I put together the rest of my bag as normal. In this case, I just went with my old standby boxy bag that I make over and over and just switch out the strap for, but you could use this technique to make almost any bag. Just overlay your woven design on any pattern piece. The only thing to think about as you go is the fact that this will significantly affect the thickness and stiffness of your fabric.

8-woven-bag.jpgI like using black and white fabrics so that I can accessorize with pops of color. In the photo below, I have one of my hair clips pinned to my bag.

Do you have small pieces of favorite fabrics that need a project to call home? A woven design like this could go in so many directions. You could combine more than two fabrics, use a combination of prints and solids, switch up your weave-ins, or add embellishments like appliques or decorative stitching. Anything goes -- it's your design!

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