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Faux Food for Felines

January 20, 2013

Here's a SUPER easy project -- less than an hour in the making!

If you have cats or have friends who have cats, you may already know that nothing beats a hand-made cat toy. You can so easily transform a few scraps into a sturdy plaything -- and it won't have any pieces that could pop off and be ingested or otherwise cause potential dangers.

Through many years of rigorous testing (I own my crazy cat lady status), I have had the greatest success with simple toys made with fleece and a bit of catnip. Here's one that my fluffy monsters always love: a fake fried egg.

I start by cutting two layers asymmetrical round/oval shapes -- remember, eggs are never perfect circles!

1-fried-egg-cat-toy.jpgThen, I do the same thing to cut the yolk -- no need to worry about perfection. There are two yolks featured in this photo because I was making two toys at the same time. You only need to cut one per toy.

2-fried-egg-cat-toy.jpgNext, I cut a single layer of Warm and Natural batting just a little smaller than my egg white, and did the same for the yolk.


4-fried-egg-cat-toy.jpgI layer the batting between the two pieces of white fleece and stitch all the way around the outside, about 1/8 to 1/4 inch from the cut edge.

Then, I set the yolk, with the batting layer under it, on top of the assembled white section, and stitch it down around the edges -- but first, I tuck a little catnip under the yolk!

5-fried-egg-cat-toy.jpgAnd there you have it -- super quick toys to delight your feline friends!

6-fried-egg-cat-toy.jpgBut what do our Siamese reviewers think?

Well ... One stretched to reach outside of his Fabric.com shipping box (it really is!) to pull his toy into his lair.

7-fried-egg-cat-toy.jpgAnd the other just pulled his egg toy to his face and kept rubbing his cheeks on it. I'll call that a win.

These are so incredibly simple, and you don't have to use realistic egg colors (my cats have never complained about unrealistic color schemes). Just use whatever fleece you have on hand -- it's a great way to use up scraps!

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