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Blog of the Month: Crazy Aunt Purl

January 30, 2013

I have been sitting on this blog for quite some time. I really only share it with my closest knitting buddies and I feel that we (you, the reader and I, the blogger) have gotten quite close so I can share. The reason I hardly share this blog is not because I am ashamed to read it. It is not a guilty secret. It is because I love it so, so much and I would cringe and fall into a deep depression should I ever hear anyone disparage it. It is like my baby; I love her so much but don't want anyone to tell me she is ugly (which she is not). But I know you all will love Crazy Aunt Purl.

Picture copyright Laurie Perry. 

This blog is a knitting blog the same way lunch with girl friends is about lunch. It is really about chatting and laughing and the eating is a bonus. Crazy Aunt Purl is about Laurie's (the blog mistress) crazy/boring/cat-filled life. I think it is never boring but she might disagree. Laurie is a self described "Thirty-something, displaced Southerner living in Los Angeles with a herd of felines". She is hilarious and an excellent writer. I love escaping with her blog, living vicariously through her adventures whether it be knitting on the bus with all the wonderful humans you can expect on public transportation, LA's wildfires or knitting get togethers. Laurie chronicles her everyday life, dating life and social life in the most entertaining way. I have been a loyal reader since 2007. I never thought I would have a "relationship" with a blog but Crazy Aunt Purl and I are coffee BFFs. Laurie often asks questions so it is easy to feel drawn-in like you are having a conversation (this could also be my wishful thinking). This delusion is furthered by her writing style which is very conversational and filled with giggle-inducing slang. Be forewarned: there is a crazy amount of cute cat pictures on this blog, none of which is unwarranted. 

Picture copyright Laurie Perry

Laurie is also the author of 2 books that combine her life in a fun-filled narrative with knitting patterns. Her second book has over a dozen knitting patterns but it is worth it just for the story alone. If you love knitting, love cats, or love living in Laurie's vibrant world than you will love this blog and her stories. Spoiler alert: one of her cats is out to get her. 

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