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Anthro Inspired Bib Necklace

January 23, 2013

I set out to create a collar necklace but once I started my subconscious led me in a different direction. Plus I saw this collection of bib necklaces and it was on. I let myself go with this one. I had a set idea from the beginning but as things progressed I went with my gut and I am very pleased with the finished result. Here's how I made my Anthro Inspired Bib Necklace.


Eco-Felt (about 1/8 to ΒΌ of a yard depending on the size of you bib)

Lace (scrape piece, you can even use several pieces)

A piece of Organza at least 20'' long and 3'' wide for ruffle

Floral Stones (available in most big box stores like Target, Wal-mart, Garden Ridge, maybe even the Dollar Store)

One Chain (You can recycle an old or broken necklace like I did)

Glue Gun

bib necklace.jpg


Fold a sheet of paper in half and draw out half of your necklace shape on the fold of the paper. I used the bottoms of various glasses to create my 3 circular shapes. Once you have a shape that you dig cut it out on the fold and open it up. That is your pattern for your felt.

Trace your pattern onto your felt and cut out 2 pieces. Set one aside. Fold your ruffle in half and on your remaining piece of felt pin your ruffle onto the wrong side of your felt. I placed mine in a very loose fashion, just sort of tucking here and smoothing there. It is not gathered just sort of tucked in places especially where 2 circles meet. It doesn't need to be perfect. Stitch in place


Add your piece of lace over the right side of your felt and stitch around the edge of your felt using a thread that matches your lace (then if your stitches are off it won't be noticeable). Trim your lace to the edge of the felt; it will curl up a bit making your felt visible.

Next, layout your stones in a pattern you like. You can experiment here with different colors and designs. These stones really catch the light, add color and weight to help your necklace hang well (if it is too light it will flop around and look unfinished). Once you have your pattern glue down your stones using your glue gun (Don't worry about glue strings you can pick them off later).


Figure out the length of chain you need (I pinned my chain onto my second piece of felt and slipped it on and then adjust the length). Hand tack the chain onto your felt and then glue your 2 pieces of felt together, sandwiching your chain and ruffle in the middle.

This necklace looks great with a blazer or over a casual sweater. I love it with my little black dress and a plain white tee. It is my new go-to accessory.  


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