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Make Your Own Pom Pom Trim

December 28, 2012


I am a big fan of pom pom trim! It is a fun way to add some whimsy to pillows, drapes or apparel. Pom-pom trim can be used to attach a pop of color or to add a finishing detail to a project. Pom-pom trim is available in many combinations of colors and sizes but I felt limited to prepared trim and wanted something fresh and outside-the-box. So I made my own pom pom trim to fit my design ideas. By creating your own pom pom trim you can choose your size, spacing, color and texture. The world of yarns is open to you. For my project, a man-sized sofa blanket, I wanted larger than the standard ½'' pom pom trim to fit my larger than standard blanket. I also wanted more of a strand look to my pom pom instead of the fuzz ball that comes on trim. The look I wanted was more of an organic, mellow, masculine blanket (well, as masculine as you can get with pom pom trim) so I pulled out my pom pom maker and set to work. I determined a 1 3/8'' pom pom was the perfect size for my blanket and after selecting my color (cream to offset my green double napped flannel) I made 4-5 pom poms to try out my spacing. Setting out the pom pom on my cutting board I was able to get a good idea on the spacing I preferred and went with a 3'' spacing.



To make a man-sized sofa blanket just like mine you will need:

2 yards of double napped flannel

1 skein of wool DK weight yarn

1 skein of matching embroidery floss

Clover Small pom pom maker set

sewing pom pom trim.jpg

Begin by measuring the width of the ends of the flannel and dividing it into 3 (the spacing from above) to establish how many pom poms are needed and make that number for each end. My blanket was 45'' wide so I made 15 pom poms for each end. Next, finish the sides and ends of your blanket. I applied a rolled edge to the long sides and a double turned hem (first ½'' then 1'') to the end that will feature the pom pom trim. Then using an embroidery needle stitch into the fold of the hem about ¼'' from the edge. By inserting a needle under the loop that secures the pop pom you are able to stitch it directly to the end of the blanket. Pull the thread tight but not enough to pucker the fabric. Stitch back into the fabric close to where you came out (similar to a French knot) and then come back out 3'' further down and repeat until all your pom poms are attached. Knot your floss and clean up any messy pom poms. Repeat for the other end of your blanket.


This is a great way to add pom poms in any color, size, texture and spacing to any project. Creating your own pom pom trim can help you tie home décor projects together in a room to add consistency. Pom poms in one color but different sizes can also add visual interest and excitement to a design project. Try choosing one yarn color but different sizes pom poms for pillows, blankets and drapes in a room. 


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