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Start the Christmas season off with this cool car organizer!

November 7, 2012

I am really trying very hard to get ahead of the season this year. I am usually the person at the mall on the 24th trying to find that perfect gift for someone. Well I have already bought several presents for my family, I haven't wrapped them but you can't have everything. I decided this year that I will make knitted scarves for my immediate family. This will not take as long as a quilt thank goodness!

Now I come to my friends and co-workers. These, of course, should be ready by the 15th of December because people take time off for Christmas. My friends tend to fall into 2 categories- the frilly people who love perfume, bath oil, gift cards, candles, etc. or the organizers. For a long time, I have wanted to make the car organizer I saw on Sew4Home web page- Cool Car Organizer. Click on cool car organizer for complete supplies and instructions.  I can tell you that the instructions are very clear and I believe that a motivated beginner or intermediate sewer would have no problem completing this project. It took me about 2 weekends but I usually only sew a couple of hours at a time.


1. Sewing Machine

2. 3/4 yd. fabric for front and back of organizer- I used twill from my stash

3.  1 yard of fabric for caddy and pockets-  I used twill from my stash

4.  3/4 yard of lightweight fusible interfacing

5.  3 1/2 yards of bias binding 1/2'' to 1''. double fold, ( 2 pkgs) I used 7/8''.

6,  Dritz quick release parachute buckle.

7.  1 yard 1'' wide nylon webbing or strapping.

8.  All purpose thread to match

9.  See through ruler

10. Marking pen or chalk for marking fabric

11. Iron and ironing board

12. Scissors or rotary cutter and mat

13. Lighter to seal ends of strapping.

I did not use the grommets or the nylon cording in my project. Feel free to create the pockets the way you want them to be. I sectioned off the first pocket for a pen holder. I can never find a pen when I need it.

The project went together like a dream. In fact, I am keeping the one I made for myself, I guess that I will have to make another for my friend. I have a Honda Accord and it fits very well. I think that twillcanvas or duck are the perfect fabrics for this project.

On the left is the version from Sew4Home and the one on the right is my version. This will truly get me organized in the car at least. I can never find a pen, paper, coupons, my grocery list or tissue when I need it!

Cool Car Caddy.jpg My cool caddy organizer.JPG

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