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Quick Tip: Glue Storage

November 8, 2012

If you do any amount of crafting, you've probably experienced that irritating moment when you're ready to get into some serious adhesion, but your glue can't keep pace with your enthusiasm.

Because many craft glues are quite thick, they don't flow easily. Storing them upright allows all of the adhesive to settle in the bottom of the bottle, and it takes forever for the glue to move back to the tip once the bottle's inverted.

The solution is as close as your kitchen cabinet (or your grocery store). This plastic containers that pitcher-sized drink mixes come in are perfect for holding glue bottles! They're wide enough to fit a standard-size bottle, but narrow enough to keep it upright.

The container in these pictures is a Crystal Light product, but there are many other brands that offer similar packaging.  

1-glue-storage.jpgI just peel the label off, and store my glue bottle in the empty container upside down. You can decorate your container with fabric or craft paper if you wish, but I like to keep mine clear so I can see which glue is which easily. When it comes time to craft, I don't have to wait on my glue!

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