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Love at Fur Sight

November 24, 2012

Winter is here! OK, I know it's technically not winter yet, but the low in Atlanta today was 27 F, which is abysmally cold as far as I'm concerned.

As each winter approaches, I think to myself that THIS will be the year I make a super yummy coat. But then, I get busy with other commitments and before I know it, I've shuffled through the cold season layering hoodies and less-than ideal jackets, and my coat never materialized. But this year, I'm getting out in front of it, largely because I fell in love with a faux fur we got in stock not long ago.

I'm an animal lover and could never be comfortable wearing real fur, but I am always on the lookout for a faux fur that will delight me. And when I first saw this fancy feather faux fur, I gasped at its loveliness. I knew I had to make something with it, but what? And then the solution came skipping across my neurons: Make that coat!

The pattern I chose is Simplicity 1732. I love the shape of it, and that it's got a little of an other-era feel to it.

For the main body of the coat, I chose an Antique Cotton Velvet. I am deeply enamored of this fabric, and because it's designed for home dec use, it's got a luxurious feel, but it's also rugged. (Seriously, this stuff has such a soft texture -- I can stop running my hand across it.) Perfect for a coat!

I made the knee-length version of the coat, and used my exotic faux fur for the collar and cuffs. This is definitely a statement piece!

Working with the antique cotton velvet was heaven. It simply doesn't have the same slippage issues that other velvets often do. Working with the fur was a little bit of a challenge, but nothing more than one would expect -- and because of the simple shapes of the fur pieces on this jacket, there wasn't a lot of tricky manipulation needed, just a bit of handling care. 


Now I can safely say that I will be warm as toast this winter -- I just need to find some fun places to wear my new zazzy coat!

2-faux-fur-coat.jpgIf you like the idea of using faux fur on a coat, but you want something a little more subdued for day-to-day wear, you can always alter your pattern so the fur pieces button on over a lower-profile collar and cuffs. But if you feel the call of the fashion wild, go for it!


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