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Playing With Color: A Tale of Two Snow Whites

October 14, 2012

It's almost a joke among my friends that I want to make everything in black. If I love the design of something, I can't help but think about the ways I could play with the texture and design lines of it in luscious monochromatic darkness.

It's also no secret that my love for Snow White (both the movie and the character) runs deep. I love her character design so, so much. So it was natural to want to make a Gothic version of my favorite princess. But I also love the classic colors of Snow White. So, which one to make? The natural choice for me was both!

For my color version, I used both the film and the Disney park princesses as my inspiration. Instead of the teardrop cutout sleeves, I opted for a ribbon overlay on top of a puffed sleeve to more closely align with Snow White's Bavarian and historical roots. That's also the style used for the official Disney costumed Snow Whites.

To make sure my two versions had some commonalities, I used similar fabrics for key elements of both costumes:

- Velvet for the bodices and capes
- Duchess satin for the skirts
- Organza ribbon for the sleeve overlays

There's a little bit of variation beyond that, but I wanted to keep the basics parallel.

Here is the finished color version:   


And here's the Gothic version. I like to think this is the step daughter the Evil Queen wishes she had:


To add a little more dimension and detail to the all-black version, I also added detailing at the skirt hem. Apple appliques, lace cutouts and my beloved hot fix embellishments were applied in a repeating pattern. 

3-Snow-Whites.jpgSo, which version do you think is the most fun? Classic, or a new twist? Are there classic characters or styles that you love that might be perfect for a dark transformation?

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