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A quick and easy project for Halloween- Tutu Treat Bucket

October 22, 2012

Halloween always signals the start of the holiday season for me. What a great way to start the season with someone handing you candy! Of course, I have passed from being the receiver to being the giver.  In my family, there are several wanna be ballerinas, fairies and princesses, It would be great if each had their own matching treat baskets. For less than two dollars and some recycling magic, you can create a Trick or Treat basket that will just fit the bill.


Two or three rubber bands

1 yard each light, medium and dark pink tulle.


DS-643.jpg Thumbnail image for DS-631.jpg  

1 happy meal bucket from McDonalds

It is good that I have a grandson who eats at least one happy meal a week. You could also use plastic cookie containers and baskets. Let your imagination go.

I said to use 3 yards of tulle but it really depends on the size of your container. I probably used about 2 yards of tulle,


1. Fold each yard of tulle in half and then half again. Cut each yard into aproximately 3 to 4 inch strips.. This does not have to be precision cut. I cut each strip into approximately 8'' pieces.

2. Place a rubber band around the top of the container and another around the bottom of the container.

3, Fold one strip of tulle and wrap around the rubber band and secure with a knot, Continue knotting strips of tulle around the rubber band until the surface is covered with tulle.

4. Continue knotting tulle strips around the bottom rubber band until the surface is covered.  I recommend holding the bucket upside down to knot the strips. The rubber band slipped off the bucket several times until I flipped it over.

5. Look over your bucket and add different colors of pink to give a balanced, full look to your tutu.

Here is the finished bucket! Ready to be filled with candy. If you need a little more pizzazz, add a little glitter or add some flat bottom jewels to the handle.   batbasket.JPG .

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