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A Royal Witch

October 28, 2012

It's time for this year's witch costume! As I've mentioned before, dressing as a witch has been a a Halloween tradition of mine for many, many years. I usually end up with multiple events to go to each Halloween season, so, every year, I make sure at least one new witch outfit is in the mix.

Ever since the wedding of Kate and Wills, I've been thinking about the Duchess of Cambridge's Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress. I love the simple elegance of the design, and the way it echoes Princess Grace's wedding ensemble. But, since there is no need for another bridal gown in my foreseeable future, if I wanted to make my own version of Kate's dress, a witch seemed like the best option! Fortunately, Butterick saved me from drafting a patter by releasing their version of this dress.

For this project, I used crushed taffeta and stretch lace. I love the texture of crushed taffeta, and the whooshing sound it makes is like music to my ears. Stretch lace seemed like a great option comfort-wise, and it is, but it's tricky to sew. As always, patience is key.       

1-kate-witch.jpgI opted to use a zipper at the back instead of the buttons called for in the pattern. I definitely did some negotiating with the lace here, and inset a piece of ribbon along the stitching line to keep the lace from stretching out of shape. It turned out OK, but there is a significant likelihood I'll reset it before a second wearing, just to get it as smooth as possible. 

2-kate-witch.jpgThe lace overlay at the raw edges of the stretch lace was cut from a spool of lace I had on hand.

3-kate-witch.jpgWithout a doubt, my favorite thing about this pattern is the bustle piece at the back. I love the way it folds over on itself. I've already made a copy of this pattern piece so I can incorporate it into other dress projects.


One of my favorite things about using special occasion and bridal patterns to make costumes is that they are usually more detailed and dramatic than costume patterns. It's also a good opportunity to test-drive the pattern, so that if I ever need to use it for a gown for someone, I already have a level of familiarity with it, which always leads to better results for me.  

It's easy now for me to envision this dress in other colors. Can you imagine it in red? It would be a perfect holiday statement gown! I'm kind of hoping I get invited to a fancy shindig this holiday season so I can wear my black one!
Now I just have to decide if I want to wear it with a witch hat or a tiara for Halloween ... maybe a tiara on the brim of a witch hat!

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