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Quick Halloween Costumes

September 17, 2012

If last minute Halloween Costumes are your style or perhaps you prefer something simple but still show stopping then my list of favorite Quick Halloween Costumes is perfect for you. I prefer to put some work into my halloween costumes but this year I will have a newborn and some extra baby weight to drop so putting in the extra work for a custom costume isn't on the books. I am looking for wow without alot of time commitment or fittings. Check out my favorites below:


From Martha Stewart we have the Gray Lady, a famous medieval ghost said to haunt London and according to Martha she is a star-crossed bride left at the alter. I love the ethereal look of the lace and tulle but also the forgiving fit of both fabrics and the cinched ribbon waist. You can find the costume instructions here and some Grey Lace, Ribbon and Tulle at Fabric.com

Ombre Ghost Costume: You can take a simple ghost costume to the next level by using my Ombre Dye Technique on a huge piece of white broadcloth. Go spooky with black ombre, funky with pink or purple, deathly with red ombre or peaceful with blue. 

Spice up the typical Red Riding Hood costume by creating a capelet instead. Steal the hood pattern from your favorite sweatshirt or jacket pattern or find a free hood pattern here. Sew your hood from red Satin or Silk for the glam look portraited by the model in the photograph. Pair it with a circle capelet layered with Satin and Tulle. To create the capelet use our HotPatterns Witch's Capelet Free Pattern Download but add a tulle layer on top. 


Help your kids make their own super hero costume by first whipping up a pair of solid colored tshirt and pants combo using a Kwik Sew tshirt and Oliver + S knit pants pattern. Next, follow Martha Stewart's basic costume instructions on turning this basic emsemble into a superhero's bread & butter!

The creative types over at Spoonful.com have a huge selection of kids costumes both quick and fun. I love the Princess Fairy Costume. My little one isn't into princesses but she has plenty of pals who are. Their moms are always asking for great ideas to create their own instead of buying the plain or low quality big box store versions. I would gladly recommend this adaptation as well as showing them Fabric.com's amazing Tulle selection

For this lovely Flower Costume from Parenting.com all you really need is some great felt. Our Rainbow CraftFelt is a green fabric (as in good for the environment) that you can feel good about your kid wearing and playing with until they outgrow the costume. This pattern uses found and recycled articles from your kid's wardrobe and makes them floral with huge felt petals. It looks like a lot of fun that older siblings can help out with!  

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The kids costumes are to die for cute.
I also love the Red Riding Hood Costume. What a great idea.


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