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Knitting with Life Lines

September 5, 2012

lifeline 2.jpg
You may remember my previous post on Life Lines, which is very helpful but I have been thinking for quite a while that I really needed to create a video that demonstrated me inserting a life line as well as how they work. Sometimes you really need to see a thing to really get it. Often when someone is describing an action I will try to picture it but if they don't use the right words or actions for me to "get" it, I won't. The same can be said of pictures when demonstrating an action. As with life lines, if you already sort of get it then just the pictures and the info are enough, but if you don't get it then this video is for you. In it I show you how to insert your life line, when to insert it, how it works when you make a mistake and other tips for using your life lines. Enjoy!!


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