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Haunting Halloween Hair Accessories

September 23, 2012

My Halloween fever is already off the charts this year! Yes, I know it's still September, but once I get the fever, there's nothing to be done but embrace it and channel it into projects. So, I'm getting a jump on all my accessories for October, and I'm starting with head wear! These projects make use of all kinds of leftover bits of trim and holiday odds and ends you can get at Halloween and novelty stores.

In a previous blog on fascinators, I described how I create a base for each design by singeing the cut ends of two pieces of grosgrain ribbon, and then stitching the two pieces along each long edge to create a tube. The tubes can be any length -- different sizes work for different designs -- but they have to be wide enough for a headband to slip through for wearing. I like to make a handful of these tubes and have them at the ready so I can just be creative and flow from one project to the next without stopping.

pre-1-Halloween-Headwear.jpgFor my first bit of Halloween finery, I started with a length of spool tulle (say that three times fast), and gathered it with my machine so that one side of gathers was shorter than the other.

1-Halloween-Headwear.jpgNext, I glued the gathered tulle to a doll's hat. I've mentioned before that starting with the tiny chapeaus made for dolls (I usually get mine at a craft store, rather than a toy store) is one of my favorite tricks for speeding up the process of making fascinators. I'm using hot glue in these photos in the interest of time, but craft glue also works great.

2-Halloween-Headwear.jpgI recently found some really fun skull beads at a novelty store, and bought them without a plan for their use. But now is their moment to shine! I glued eight of them around the crown of my mini hat.

I wasn't loving the way the tulle was sticking out from the hat, so I decided to carefully fold it under, leaving the fold well past the edge of the brim, and then I tacked it down with glue. I carefully worked all the way around the brim this way.

4-Halloween-Headwear.jpgTo finish, I glued one of my grosgrain sleeves to the underside of the hat. The hot glue shows on the underside, but since this hat is small and will sit right against the head, it won't show.

5-Halloween-Headwear.jpgAnd voila! A little bit of haunt couture.

6-Halloween-Headwear.jpgThe second design started with a scrap piece of white crushed chiffon that I cut on the bias. It's about 4 inches wide, and I gathered it at the sewing machine, and then glued a grosgrain sleeve to the back of it .

7-Halloween-Headwear.jpgNext, I added a piece of Riley Blake elastic lace trim (I am in love with this stuff) and a small scrap of gimp braid.

8-Halloween-Headwear.jpgWith the addition of three novelty spider rings -- I cut the ring portion off the backs with kitchen shears -- it becomes a gothic maid's cap. I like how the spiders blend a little bit with the background, so people might not notice them until they're up close.

9-Halloween-Headwear.jpgLast year, I made a ballgown witch dress that used black faux foliage as a trim. I had several leaves left over, so I decided to put them to work.

10-Halloween-Headwear.jpgI glued the leaves on in layers to one of my grosgrain sleeves. I find that with silk foliage and hot glue, I have an easier time applying pressure from the back than from the top. Saves my fingers from getting too hot!  

11-Halloween-Headwear.jpgAnother novelty store find -- tiny bone hands. I think I paid $3 for a dozen of these. I glued them right on top of my leaves.

12-Halloween-Headwear.jpgA simple black satin ribbon bow, and I am ready for a creepy night out!

If you're like me, you have a drawer full of odds and ends of lace and ribbon. In an effort to use some of these scraps up, I grabbed a length of  black lace and gathered it into a circle with a running stitch.

14-Halloween-Headwear.jpgI glued my circle to a base with a loop of ribbon on top of it ...

15-Halloween-Headwear.jpg... and added an eyeball to complete the look!

My last fascinator started with a leftover white lace loop gathered into a circle just like the black one above. What I really wanted for this one was a bat. But none of the bats I had on hand were quite right, so I drew a little bat onto a piece of Presto felt and then adhered it to the back of a scrap of black velvet. Then, I cut the velvet around the felt bat. The adhesive keeps the velvet from fraying for light use.
With the bat layered over the lace, and a couple of hotfix rhinestone eyes, my fascinator is complete! I have been wearing this one around the house because I like it so much!

18-Halloween-Headwear.jpgNow, I'm feeling very ready to celebrate right up until the big day! 

I hope you're inspired to raid your stash and create something uniquely you for the Halloween season! If you do, please be sure to share with us on Facebook!

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These Halloween Hair Accessories are just so adorable haunting cute.
I like the hat the most!

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