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Dragon*Con Costuming: Part 2 of 2

September 8, 2012

In my first blog covering last weekend's festival of fandom known as Dragon*Con, I shared a handful of photos of costumes I ran into over the course of the weekend. Now, I want to look at one costume a little more closely so you can see what I really love about this convention and the people who attend.

I often am surprised and amused when talking to people about costumes or showing them photos. There are so many reactions of "Those are really nice -- they're like normal clothes!" I think that people who don't sew are only exposed to the costumes in large party stores or temporary Halloween shops -- when they see a costume piece that's made as well as any other garment (often much better), it sort of blows their minds. And there are so many Dragon*Con costumers doing work that's really high quality -- so I wanted to share one with you.
The dress I'm featuring here is a recreation of a costume from "Titanic" -- Rose's dinner dress. The costumer is my dear friend Dawn, and she really did a spectacular job on this project. She started off using a pattern as a basis for her custom pattern, and then heavily modified it. The salmon taffeta is from Fabric.com, of course. That lovely black overlay with all the embellishment? It's custom draped by Dawn, and every single bead and sequin is sewn by hand. Every. One.

1-dragoncon-dawn.jpg Dawn estimates she spent roughly 150 hours on embellishment alone, and it shows.

Every detail is attended to, right down to the decorative pin on the front of the bodice.

Dawn wears this dress so beautifully -- she is the epitome of grace and elegance. She's also the perfect ambassador for costumers, showing couture-level style in her recreations of film pieces she loves. I hope I get to see her wear this piece again and again, but knowing Dawn, a new creation will dazzle me first!

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