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Dragon*Con Costuming: Part 1 of 2

September 4, 2012

For me, and tens of thousands of other fans of comics, movies and television, Labor Day weekend means one thing: Dragon*Con.This year, the Atlanta-based show, which spans multiple hotels, had record attendance, with more than 46,000 people on hand to celebrate the fandoms they love. And the best part of this convention? Costumes, costumes, costumes!

You really have a harder time finding people in street clothes than people in costumes at this show. It's so fun to see all the hard work people put into their sewing and craft projects -- just to be able to play dress up for a weekend and share their passion with friends and strangers. It's really what makes fan conventions magical.

I thought our Fabric.com readers might enjoy a look at just a few of the great outfits I was lucky enough to see this year, so here we go ...

This first pair is from a video game series called "Kingdom Hearts." I'm a huge fan -- I played the first title relentlessly for hours on end -- so I was thrilled to encounter these two in the hotel sundries shop.

I'm going to confess: I don't know what this next costume is from! If you know, please tell me -- I'd love to give attribution. I mostly love this photo because while the main subject is a fantasy military character, the Hamburglar is clearly seen lurking behind him. Only at Dragon*Con!

3-DragonCon-2012.jpgNext up is a really impressive Xenomorph from the "Alien" movie series. This should give you a sense of the dedication that goes into fan-made costumes. This is not a costume you can just purchase -- each element of the exoskeleteton is hand made. 

2-DragonCon-2012.jpgHow cute is this classic Batgirl? SO CUTE. Every detail is just perfect. 

4-DragonCon-2012.jpgAll of the armor on these three custom robots is hand made. That's an iPad lodged in the chest plate of the largest 'bot. So cool!

5-DragonCon-2012.jpgThe next two photos are for my fellow blogger Tara. She's a fan of the "Wheel of Time" book series, and while I was initially worried that I would never recognize the right costumes for her, the Saturday morning parade came to the rescue! There was a whole group of them, carrying "Occupy Shayol Ghul" signs and not even showing how hot they must have been in the late summer heat.

7-DragonCon-2012.jpgThis is an instance of a costume that's tiny -- made for a hand! This Kermit puppet is made from basic materials -- fleece and ping pong balls -- but the end result is nothing short of magic.

Two lovely ladies in 18th century finery. The diversity is another thing I love about Dragon*Con -- you'll find gorgeous historical gowns with loads of handwork right alongside all the robots and Jedi.

There were numerous versions of Effie Trinket from "The Hunger Games" at this year's gathering, but this was one of the very best.

Thanks to the popularity of "Downton Abbey," Edwardian gowns are super popular now. This black-on-black dress was really striking. Again, love the Klingons in the background.

11-DragonCon-2012.jpgI hope this little tour gives you a taste of what the Dragon*Con is like. For every photo here, there are thousands -- literally thousands -- of other beautiful costumes that I didn't capture. I also can't give you full picture unless I can somehow simulate the huge crowds you have to work your way through to see everything, but it's always worth it when you run into something that makes your eyes widen and inspires you. I already have my project list for next year!

In my next post, I'll share close-up photos of a Titanic reproduction gown to give you a sense of just how much work goes into one of these costumes. Stay tuned!

*Special thanks to Dawn Murphy for the last three photos in this post.

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These costumes are just awesome, outstanding and very lovely!

I am excited to keep track the thing that I used to do. thanks for sharing. impressive page indeed.All the collections are very nice.

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