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A Movie-inspired Chapeau for Fall

September 9, 2012

It's time for another (long overdue) entry in the "From Screen to Closet" series!

One of my favorite movies of 2011 was "The Artist," without a doubt. It was such a beautiful, charming film, and the clothes -- to die for! It's no wonder it won the Oscar for costume design. I love love LOVE 1920s style, but it's not always the most flattering on my figure -- I'm definitely an hourglass, and my bust line and hips make it tricky to achieve the lean, boyish look that was so vogue in the Roaring '20s. Lucky for me, the accessories are just as fun as the garments!

After the third or fourth time I watched "The Artist," I had developed a major itch for a velvet cloche to mimic Peppy Miller's style. Now that we're heading into fall and velvet is one of the "it" fabrics of the season, it seemed like the perfect time!

I dug through my ridiculous pattern stash (seriously, I need to inventory sometime), and found this pattern from days gone by that seemed like a good start. Kwik Sew 3481 is another great pattern for this project.

1-artist-cloche.jpgI mentioned already that I used velvet for the hat, but of course, I wanted a fun, contrasting lining. I used a scrap of blue taffeta that I had on hand. One of the best thing about hat patterns is the opportunity to use up some stash and have a little fun when it comes to lining!

To trim my hat, I wanted a pretty jacquard ribbon, and I was smitten when I saw this black and white peacock trim. Just the perfect touch of deco flair!

3-artist-cloche.jpgAssembly time for a project like this is fairly short -- count on 2.5 to 3 hours, give or take. Perfect for a rainy afternoon or a quiet evening at home.

4-artist-cloche.jpgI will be wearing this hat all through autumn and into winter. I love its simple lines, and the velvet makes it feel a little luxurious without being fussy -- I know I can still wear it with cords and a blazer.

5-artist-cloche.jpgDon't forget: October is breast cancer awareness month. I know many seamsters like to make chemo hats to donate, and as I was working on this project, I thought it might be nice to really strive to make super stylish hats this year. I always think about comfy and cute, but I don't always focus on elegance. Who wouldn't want a velvet hat? Long after chemo's over, it can still be worn just for style. 

I also can't wait to accessorize this accessory. I have a number of sparkly pins that I'm sure I will rotate as an adornment for this little number. And I'll dance through the cooler months, feeling like Peppy Miller!

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