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Velvet Ric Rac -- Upgraded!

August 26, 2012

Velvet ric rac is one of those trims that I love, but I sometimes struggle to find the right application for it. I adore its yummy texture, but the wavey shape doesn't always translate as sophisticated. So, I decided to do some experimenting to come up with ways to add a little extra style to my already-beloved trim. For all of these projects, I used Riley Blake velvet ric rac.

For my first project, I sewed black velvet ric rac to a satin ribbon as a base. I ran two lines of stitching down the middle section.

1-velvet-ric-rac.jpgNext, I plugged in my hot fix rhinestone applicator and some jet rhinestones, and added a little off-center sparkle to each interior arc of my ric rac. The glittery result would be great as an embellishment for holiday party wear, I think.

2-velvet-ric-rac.jpgThe second approach I took was to intertwine two different colors of ric rac, and stitch them together, picking up clear seed beads in my stitches. I love the combo of pink and black, because it always makes me think of Art Deco design. This trim makes me think of beaded handbag ideas ... 

3-velvet-ric-rac.jpgNext up is a project I like to call the nature stack. Since autumn will be here soon, my mind is already on the changing of the leaves. I selected three colors of velvet ric rac that reminded me of fall. I machine stitched the bottom two layers together, and then used a needle and thread and seed beads to assemble the last layer of the stack. I think I'm going to use this trim on autumn home dec projects like plump pillows and table runners.

4-velvet-ric-rac.jpgThe last trim treatment I came up with turned out to be my favorite, and it's so, so simple! I used a bit of 1/4" ribbon, and carefully wrapped it around the ric rac, ironing it gently as I went. (NOTE: Velvet ric rac does NOT play nice with the iron! You need to keep the heat fairly low and iron from the backside.) Because the pile of the ric rac is not terribly deep, I didn't bother with a velvet board or towel for pressing. Here's the backside of the twist method in process: 

And here are two finished samples of this trim. I LOVE the angled stripes this little trick creates -- and it's so transformative, it doesn't even look like ric rac any more. I am already thinking of ways to use a red and white version for holiday dressing this year!
So, those are four ideas I came up with, but I bet our creative customers can come up with dozens, hundreds, even thousands of their own! Got a great trick that takes ric rac to a whole new level? Share it with us on our Facebook page!

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