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Knitting: Long Tail Cast On

August 8, 2012

Long Tail Cast On is my favorite and most used cast on. It is a stable and beautiful beginning to any knitting project. This video shows the long tail cast on from several angles. I also suggest a great way to estimate how long to make your tail so you don't have to guess or use trial and error. 

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Great video -- this is the only knitting I have been able to accomplish, so I love it. Are you going to do more video's {i.e., the pearl stitch, knit stitch}? I have tried You Tube, but after 2 months of trying, haven't been able to accomplish anything but the Long Tail. Thanks!

Thank you. I have done quite a few knitting hot-to videos. Here is a link to find them all on the blog. The postings help prepare you for the videos: http://blog.fabric.com/videos/

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