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Fascinate Me! (Part 2 of 2)

August 7, 2012

If you read my last blog, you already know that I am crazy about fascinators. So crazy, in fact, that I made too many to fit into one blog post!

So, to pick up where I left off ...

In last year's Ballgown Witch post, I shared my favorite way to make quick trim. I used it again for the next fascinator. It's easy as pie -- just start with a length of ribbon and use a running stitch to work diagonally back and forth down the length of it as shown in the diagram below. When you draw your thread so the ribbon gathers along it, it creates a scalloped trim.

20-Fascinators.jpgThis is the autumnal headpiece I created using this method. I used a striped grosgrain ribbon, and added two darling acorn buttons. Ready for fall fun!
21-Fascinators.jpgThe next fascinator has a tropical vibe with a fun, cute twist. We're going to build a grosgrain flower! It looks like a lot of steps because I tried to capture the whole process, but it goes very quickly. First, I stitched together a sleeve base out of green grosgrain ribbon by sewing two 4" pieces together along the sides. The ends can be singed over a candle or hit with fray check to prevent fraying. Then I cut three lengths of the same ribbon and arranged them like an asterix on the base. I glued them in place.

22-Fascinators.jpgTo make a flower petal, I started with a length of pink grosgrain about 4 inches long. I looped it so the ends criss-crossed a little, and used a needle and thread to stitch it in place.

23-Fascinators.jpgOnce I had tightened my stitches to gather the base of my petal, I secured my stitches with a knot, and then picked up the next petal on the same needle and thread so they would be joined.

24-Fascinators.jpgI did the same with three more petals, then I trimmed the tails off all at once.

25-Fascinators.jpgI fanned the petals out to create a flower shape, and stitched things into place.
26-Fascinators.jpgOnce I got my flower shaped the way I wanted it, I added a hibiscus flower button to the center. I know, the center of a flower is not another flower, but I'm pushing science aside in the interest of artistic license on this one. 

27-Fascinators.jpgI glued the assembled flower to the leaf base.

28-Fascinators.jpgThen I trimmed the ends of the green ribbon to look more leaf like, and slid my new flower onto my headband. 

29-Fascinators.jpgNow, I will share with you a secret about where to get tiny adorable hat bases for fascinators. I buy the tiny hats in craft stores that are intended for dolls and stuffed bears. The mini size is perfect, easy to embellish, and already built, which saves me the trouble of making one!

This next piece starts with a mini top hat. I first glued striped grosgrain ribbon around the hat.

30-Fascinators.jpgThen, I added a puff of ostrich feathers that I had in my stash.

To add a little sparkle, I added a single silver blossom button.

32-Fascinators.jpgIn part one of this blog, I mentioned that I love to make a bunch of sleeves to go over headbands so I have them on hand while I'm creating. This is one of those times when I use them! I glued one to the bottom of the hat -- just on the ends where the sleeve makes contact with the underside of the brim. You want to be very careful to not let any glue seal your sleeve shut!
36-Insert-Fascinators.jpgFor me, this is a perfect New Year's hat -- fun, kicky, and a notch up from anything bought in a store.

My last fascinator is an easy quickie. I started with a simple doll hat from the craft store, made a bow out of grosgrain stripe (can you tell I love the stuff?), and then topped it off with another laser-cut flapper button, this time in red. I glued a sleeve to the underside, and I'm ready to celebrate.

I totally plan on wearing this for Valentine's Day, but I'm sure I'll find some reason to wear it (or several!) long before then.

35-Fascinators.jpgWhat I really love about making these little concoctions is the fact that I can use a combination of new items and little bits of glitz from my stash to create really fun accent pieces.

If you've got a hats-required event coming up, or if you just want to add some new accessories to your style, I hope I've helped you with ideas. Be sure to share your creations with us on Facebook!

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