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DIY Custom Dressform

August 13, 2012

If you have noticed that recently my dressform has gone from gray with dials to turquoise and sleek than let me share my secret. I have turned my adjustable dressform into a custom fit dressform with the help of an out-of-commission bra, some pads and a 2-3 yds of Jersey Knit (with at least 30% stretch). Here's how to make your own. 

Here's is my dress form before. 

I adjusted all my knobs to fit my size as close as possible. The only place that I had an issue was the bust. I wear a 32d bra. When I adjusted the bust to fit my bust the under-bust was too big. 

dressform2.jpgTo solve this I put an old strapless bra on my dress form and adjusted the dial to fit my under bust then I added pads to the bra until the bust matched my own.  I reused some pads I had from other bras but you could use shoulder pads, old towels or thick blankets cut to size for hips, rump or stomach. 

Next, drape the front of your form with your jersey knit (you want a stretchy knit) WS out and with the stretch going widthwise. Leave a good bit at the top, about 6-8'' to tie off and about 10-12'' at the bottom.
dressform4.jpgStarting pinning your knit to the sides of your dressform. Pull the knit taunt but not as tight as it will go. You want the cover fitted but still able to be pulled on and off. Pin often as this will be your sewing guide to sew your seams.
Then, start pinning the knit to the back. It might help to first pin the back as you did the front, right to the dressform and once you get the back nice and smooth and tight, pin the front to the back. 
Pin it tight

dressform8.jpgTrim the seams to about 1-2''. This will make it easier to sew without all the extra fabric. Slowly ease the cover off your dressform and sew using the pins as your seam guides, leaving the top of the neck and bottom open. serge the edges or sew with a zigzag stitch.
Here is the cover WS out so you can see it sewn up. After I stitched mine I trimmed the seam again to 1/2''. 

dressform10.jpgFinally turn your cover RS out and slip over your dress form, making sure none of your pads shift. But if they do, you can just slip your hand up there after the cover is in place and adjust. Confirm the placement of all pads with your tape measure. Tie off your top with a ribbon for the top and a rubber band for the bottom. 

Enjoy your new, chic custom dressform. The plus of making your own custom dressform as opposed to buying one it that you can still adjust the size if your body changes. Plus you can save about $500 and it only takes a few hours and some careful measuring!

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This is good kick in the butt for me to do this to my dress-form,over the years Ive definitely "outgrown mine lol.Thanks so much for posting!

Wonderful! Thanks for posting! Now to get a dress form...


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