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Back Seat Car Organizer

August 24, 2012

car seat organizer1

This is the best picture I can offer in the car because of my seat configuration. I spared you the goldfish and pretzels scattered all over the floor though.

I run a mobile library out of the back of my car. The book list is ever revolving and there always seems to be at least 10 books back there at a given time. My little one loves books and if I need to run errands, I need to have a constant supply. I designed this Back Seat Car Organizer to fit her mobile library but it can easily be used for art supplies, toys, diapering needs (for the babies) or whatever your child needs to get through a trip out and about. My organizer slips onto the back of a car seat and features 3 pockets, 2 big and 1 small. While looking for a great place to take pictures I discovered that this organizer is perfect for other locations in the house that need a space to store kid supplies. You can hang it on your stairs for the "you need to take this stuff upstairs" stuff, hang it from a coat hook for school supplies in the mud room or mount it by bunk beds for books or in a closet for hair and toiletries. The ideas are endless as long as you have a need. The finished Back Seat Car Organizer is 21'' h by 13.5'' w.

car seat organizer2

To make your own you will need:

1 yd of heavy canvas fabric for lining

1 yd of quilting cotton if making all pockets the same or

                ¼ yd for small pocket

                ¼ yd for medium pocket

                ½ yd for large pocket

Plus approx. 2 yd of 2.5'' bias trim for edging and strap

2 snaps


Instructions (all seams are ½'' unless stated otherwise):

From canvas cut:

                Two 21''x13.5'' pieces for body

                One 17''x13.5'' for large pocket

                One 12''x13.5'' for medium pocket

                One 6''x'13.5'' for small pocket

From Quilting Cotton cut (sub in various prints if you want a different print for each pocket)

One 17''x13.5'' for large pocket

                One 12''x13.5'' for medium pocket

                One 6''x'13.5'' for small pocket

car seat organizer7

The "take this mess upstairs" organizer

With RS together, pin all pocket pieces together and stitch across the top (one of the 13.5'' sides). Press seam open then press WS together and pin 3 open sides together for all pockets.  Topstitch across the top, finished edge.

Baste 2 body canvas pieces together. Pin Large Pocket in place, lining up bottom and side raw edges. On each side, mark 10'' down from top.  Starting at top finished edge, stitch down one side, pivoting at the 10'' mark, stitching across to 2nd 10'' mark and back up to the top, back stitch at both ends. This shortens the pocket so it isn't a deep cavern that will eat your books.

car seat organizer3

Pin medium and small pockets in place, matching bottom and sides and baste in place. Square up everything with a ruler and a rotary cutter now if you want.

car seat organizer4

Apply bias trim, starting at the center bottom and working your way around the entire edge of the organizer.

car seat organizer6

To make your snap straps, you can either serge your straps like me or stitch up 15'' of your remaining double folded bias trim. Cut your strap into 2 pieces, one 7'' and one 8''. Double fold ½'' at one end of the 8'' strap and apply the female snap according to your package instructions (check out my post on snaps here for extra help). The snap will hold the double fold in place so you don't need to sew it first. Repeat for second strap with male snap and place a second male snap 1'' down from the first. Pin your snap straps 2.5'' in from each side on top of the organizer and stitch in place twice for extra durability.

Enjoy your new Back Seat Car Organizer. I have another on my cutting table already for baby #2. It will initially be used for wipes, pacifiers, bibs, diapers and burp cloths and hopefully evolve to books as well from there!

car seat organizer5



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