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July 11, 2012

Hello Lovelies,

I hope everyone is enjoying the balmy carefree days of summer!  So I have a question for you:  Have you ever been in a fashion slump or ever felt the need to spice up your wardrobe a bit?   A simple cure for a fashion slump is mixing up things in your closet with pieces you already have and stepping out of your style comfort zone.   One of my favorite trends of the moment are print and pattern mixing.   For example, have you ever considered pairing a floral and stripe together or wearing a leopard print with polka dots?   Maybe you think you could never pull off this look, but I guarantee that you can.   Just follow these simple guidelines and in no time you will be mixing patterns like a fashion pro!   


floral and stripes.jpg


Look for prints and patterns that work well together

Floral prints paired with stripes or polka dots or animal print paired with stripes or polka dots always look great together.

Try to stay in the same color family if you are new to mixing patterns & prints

It's ok to stay on the neutral side when your new to mixing patterns and it will still have the same effect as mixing bold colors it will just be tad more subtle.

Leopard, polka dots and stripes can be thought of as solid fabrics

If you are feeling confused about what pieces to pair together just remember that a leopard print or stripes can be thought of as a solid fabric. A leopard print skirt would look fabulous paired with a polka dot print  And stripes paired with a floral or tribal print would look amazing.

Don't' try to match

Remember don't try to be too matchy, that will totally defeat the purpose of mixing unexpected patterns and prints.   Remember keep it fun, playful and carefree.  Don't try to over think it just go with it.

Find a color that ties the prints and patterns together

Look for a color that can be found in all the prints and patterns.  The base color will help tie everything together.

Combine fabrics of different textures with fabrics of different weights

For example a pretty silk blouse would look great paired with a cool linen print for a great warm weather look.   Or try silk with a chunky patterned sweater or cardigan for the perfect fall look.

7172107838_2dcdc0f0d8.jpg          9-mixing-patterns.jpg

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