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The Nearly-instant Shrug

July 15, 2012

Summer in Atlanta can be challenging when it comes to clothing choices. It's steamy outside, of course, but many buildings have the AC cranked up so high that it's like walking into an ice cave. What to do?

Well, right this second, you are exactly two seams away from a shrug that won't drag you down, will ward off the chill of over air-conditioned buildings, and is small enough to fit in most handbags. Two seams.

You'll need about 3/4 of a yard of a lightweight knit, with a 60" (or close) width. I used an avocado rayon knit that is ultra soft. 

Here's how to whip this thing up:

First, fold your fabric so your selvage edges meet, right sides together. Then, stitch all the way down the selvage edges, joining them.

1-InstantShrug.jpgYou'll have a tube when you're done with that first seam. Refold your fabric so that the seam you just made sits at the center of one side of your tube.

Using a ruler, mark about 8.5 inches from each folded edge. I used a Sharpie for these photos so the dot is a little easier to see.

Here's my fabric showing both markings:

For your second seam, stitch along the edge from marking to marking, leaving your seam open between the markings and the folds. Those openings are your arm holes. When you pull it off the machine, it will just look like a squared off box, but turn it right side out, put your arms through those holes, and voila! A drapey, casual shrug.

5-InstantShrug.jpgFor my quickie version, I just left the raw edges, but you could easily hem them if you prefer a more structured look. You can also add a closure at the front, or just use a brooch with a pin back to close it.

Take THAT, grocery store air conditioning!

This is a fun project to share with young sewing enthusiasts, as it gives them a finished project in a jiffy and builds confidence. But I love that it's also a way to fill a gap in my wardrobe without spending a lot of time or cash. These are so quick, I often make two or three to take on vacation with me. Since I sometimes get vacation brain and lose jackets, these are a perfect solution -- if I lose one, I know I can crank out another when I get home.

How will you customize your shrug?

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OMG this is so pretty. Green is my favorite color.
I would wear this in a heartbeat!
Very nice.

I can't believe how simple this is to sew, yet how pretty it looks on the model!! I am a beginning sewer, as in I've never sewn anything yet lol. I've only messed around on my machine learning how to use it. This is definitely going to be my first project, and I'm pretty sure even I can't mess it up. Thank you so much for this easy and creative idea!!

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