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Pattern Review: Plushy, Luxe Cuddle Bears

July 29, 2012

I never outgrew my love of stuffed animals. I still can't resist an adorable plush when I see one. Fleecey, furry, fuzzy -- it makes no difference. I love them all.

Lately, I've had a hankering to make a few, so I thought I'd test out Kwik Sew 3246. It has two different sizes of bears, and I chose the smaller of the two, which still comes in at an impressive 20 inches, so it's not exactly tiny.

I chose to make one version in Doux Cotton Velvet, and one in an upholstery-grade Antique Cotton Velvet, which is meant to withstand a lot of rubbing -- perfect for a cuddly stuffed bear! 

I have made plush toys before, with varied results. Assembling them always takes more time than I expect it to. These took about three hours each, give or take. That being said, I had greater success with this pattern than with other plush patterns I have tried, and some of that slowness is admittedly born of the fact that I usually stitch apparel, so craft sewing is not my most practiced arena. 

I will tell you this, the inside of a teddy bear is not pretty. Behold:

1-Inside-out.jpgOnce you flip it, things get a little better, but it's still a little dicey in the cuteness category. Those threads you see dangling are are attached to the eyes on the inside, and they're used to mold the face a bit once the bear's stuffed.
2-Empty-bear.jpgHere's the closeup on the Doux Cotton Velvet bear. I didn't end up doing a whole lot of shaping on the face, because I preferred it a little more au naturel.

3-Purple-head.jpgHere is the face of the Antique Cotton Velvet bear. You can tell from these close up shots that my chin piecing technique needs some work. These guys both look a little dejected.

4-Ivory-head.jpgHere are my two bears, all assembled and ready for huggin'!

Now that I have two under my belt, my mind is whirring with ideas. I want to make a feline version with pointy ears and a long tail. Maybe for Halloween. These would also be fantastic baby gifts, especially if you embroidered the baby's name and birth date on the feet.

Now my biggest question is: What should I name these guys?

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How about Bridgette and Barney?

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