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Free Pattern Download: Medina Mini Kaftan

July 16, 2012

The latest Hot Patterns free download is here, and I have had the exquisite pleasure of test driving it.

This was an interesting project for me. While I loved the design of the Medina Mini Kaftan the moment I saw it, I didn't feel like it would be great on me. I'm short and kinda busty, so often, garments that aren't fully cinched in at the waist can make me look a bit fluffy. But, I wanted to try it out just the same!

For my first version, I selected a cotton lawn from the new Liberty of London Tana Cotton Lawn Hello Kitty print. I looooove Hello Kitty, and these sophisticated prints are just subtle enough that I can wear them even in the most grown-up situations. And it's nothing short of dreamy to work with. Love it! 

I opted to make the trim out of the same fabric as the rest of the tunic, simply because I couldn't decide on a contrast color.

The pattern itself is super simple to put together. The trim for the sleeves seems tricky initially because it's cut with an angle at the bottom, but once you're stitching it into the armsceye it makes total sense and fits perfectly. And the elastic that encases about 2/3 of your waist is perfect -- it adds shape and and creates a flattering silhouette, even for those of us with ample bustlines! Hooray!

I know this is pictured on the pattern art as a beachy cover up, but I am so delighted with this kaftan that I've been wearing it in heavy rotation with leggings as a dress. The lawn is perfection in the Atlanta heat, keeping me cool and comfortable even in high humidity.


But of course, I always have to make a second version of any pattern so I can really play!

For my second version, I used a stretch ruffle knit. I still used cotton lawn for the sleeve edging and the ties, and I used the same exact yoke piece from the pattern to cut a facing for the neckline, also out of lawn. I also stitched the V opening of the neck closed at the very top to create a keyhole effect.

The only tricky thing in working with the ruffled fabric choice was making sure I kept the ruffling free along the line where the elastic casing needed to sit. With a little planning and care, though, it was no huge challenge. And I didn't even bother to hem it -- I just let the ruffles do the work for me.

I LOOOOOOOOVE the way this version turned out. It's my new favorite dress! It's very flattering, hugging curves without being too tight. Again, LOVE.

This  pattern offers itself up to innumerable design and variation possibilities. Maybe I'll eventually get around to making it as a swim cover up!

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Hi,I love this pattern and had just stumbled onto these free downloads about a week ago. However, before I cut them out, I do have one question. When I printed them out, I have about 1/4" of blank space between edge of paper and the actual pattern line. Should I line the pages up edge to edge or should they overlap so that the lines actually are continuous. Or did I do something wrong when I printed the out? Thanks and really looking forward to making this and the Cabriolet beach wrap coverup.

You want your paper to overlap and the edges of the printed lines to just meet. You can use tape, But I prefer to use a glue stick to insure full contact of the edges.

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