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Chevron Decrease

July 9, 2012

chevron decrease.jpg
The Chevron Decrease, AKA the Double Decrease is one of my favorite visual techniques. The vertical ridge that it creates makes for an interesting texture as well as focal point in your knitting. It is not so intricate that it must stand alone; the chevron decrease compliments other stitch techniques to create some beautiful combinations. This decrease is easily achieved but it can also be easily misunderstood. If you do not slip your stitches correctly the look you end up with can be sloppy, or just "off" looking. With my video to guide you, you can make sure you do the Chevron Decrease correctly because I also show you an often made mistake as well as the correct method several times. Couple this decrease with an equal number of increases to create your own chevron pattern for some hip fall styles! 

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