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What not to make for baby

June 25, 2012

unsafe nursery.jpg

Don't be fooled by this attractive nursery picture: the crib quilt and bumpers are considered unsafe. Check out my safe recommendations below. 

For first time moms it can often be overwhelming and excited to decorate a nursery for your first little one. However, many stores, magazines and merchants can lead you astray with adorable pictures and over-the-top nursery decorating ideas. Here are some new regulations and recommendations on what not to make (or use) for your nursery and some helpful tips on what to make instead.

1)      Crib Bumpers: This cute, decorative, soft boundary tie to your crib and run the perimeter of the inside of your crib and were designed to keep your babe from bumping his/her head on the side. While crib bumpers have not been declared against the law, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics, who in my book makes baby law) have officially come out against crib bumpers. The AAP takes the stand that bumpers do not really protect against injury and can increase the risk of SIDS, suffocation, entrapment and strangulation. While these decorative beauties do add a wow factor to you crib, the effect is not worth the risk. (Read more here)
Instead of creating a crib bumper, make a fitted sheet and crib skirt combo to really show off your nursery colors and beautiful prints. These items are must haves for baby and the crib skirt can hide all your clutter or abundant baby toys once your little one has gone to sleep.

2)      Crib Quilt: these little gems are a beautiful way to show off your or a loved one's quilting skills and a great way to bring more life and color into your nursery but a baby should not be covered with a blanket or quilt until they are old enough to remove it themselves should they become overheated or trapped. Make instead a slightly bigger quilt for floor play, car travel or outdoor play instead. You can change out the quilt backing from lightweight cotton to a heavier weight cotton or home décor fabric for a floor quilt or laminated cotton for outdoor play. A floor quilt will get much more use then a crib quilt which might be too small by the time your little one it old enough to use it as intended and will provide comfort for tummy time and a great backdrop for all those pictures!

3)      Crib Pillows: Pillows have been declared dangerous for the crib for the same reason as crib bumpers but have been so for many years. Infants can easily get their face stuck under the pillow, inhale the pillow or become stuck under them so they pose a suffocation danger and increase the risk of SIDS. It will be at least 1-2 years before it is safe to leave your child unattended with a pillow in the crib so create some floor pillows instead. The floor is where most of your infant's play will take place and consequently where you will spend most of your time so make it comfy for all parties. Floor pillows make great seats for you, dad and siblings as well as an opportunity to make your nursery bright and engaging. You can appliqué animals or quotations of love and laughter while making sure you are as comfy as baby. Plus they make ideal reading areas when your infant grows into a toddler and beyond. I love Amy Butler's Gumdrop pillows because they are so fast but you can mix and match each panel to create a look for you.  

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