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What is really in that Three Pound Assortment?

June 14, 2012

Thumbnail image for ASST-124.jpg I thought I would de-mystify what our Three Pound Assortments are really made from, and answer questions like, ''Why do they have squares cut out of the pieces of fabric?'' and ''What do they all have labels on them?''

Our Three Pound Assortments have been in our inventory since at least 2001. Obviously, we use them to ''recycle'' our bolt ends and remnants. When we have a piece of cotton print quilting fabric left on a bolt that measures less than 18'' we put it into the Three Pound Assortments. Those fabrics will not have a label or a chunk cut out of the edge.

The other fabrics, with the missing chunks and the labels, are fresh off the first cut of the bolt as it arrived in our Receiving Department. In order to take the picture of the fabrics and have a reference for writing our fabric descriptions, we cut about one yard from every new print we receive. Each yard is labeled with our SKU and the location in our warehouse and they are piled into a canvas cart. When the day is done in Receiving, the cart is wheeled to our Photography Studio, and we get them ready for their close ups.

ASST-113.jpgEvrette, our product ''stylist'' lays the new fabrics out, and irons any wrinkles so our photographers can shoot and tweak the colors for the best looking image they can create. The fabrics are taken to our Merchants to insert all the information you read on the site and find the best places on our site to add the products. The Merchants also cut a sample of the fabric and attach it to a piece of paper with information on it that includes the name of the fabric, width, pricing and vendor information. Those ''Inventory Cards'' are filed in one of more than ten five-drawer filing cabinets in Customer Service. When you call and ask about a specific fabric, your Customer Service Rep will pull the Inventory Card so they can see and feel an actual piece of the fabric in order to answer your question. Theremaining fabric sample is dropped into a cart to go into our Three Pound Assortments.

So, those Three Pound Assortments can have some of the very latest fabrics we have added to the website. They sometimes will have a few pieces from a coordinating collection. They are picked and packed randomly, and there is no intention to keep collections together, or make sure the mix never contains fabrics from the same collection. The only guidelines for the ladies packing the assortments is that they are only cotton print quilting fabrics, and that they weigh three pounds. Also, we do not buy fabrics specifically to fill our three pound assortments. We make plenty of remnants these days to keep up with demand.

If you have a charity project on the horizon, or just want to add to your stash at a great price, have no fear when thinking about purchasing the Three Pound Assortment.

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I love the idea of Three Pound Assortments.
You can do so much creative little things with smaller pieces.

Thumbs Up for Thinking Green!


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