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Kid Safe Sparkler

June 22, 2012


For the 4th celebration I have revamped my Felt Play: Wand with Magic Streamers in mighty red, white and blue. This is a fun alternative for younger kids how want to join in the fun without all the pyrotechnics. The variegated yarn streamers swish through the air with all the splendor of sparklers with no danger for little hands. The new design features the honored stars and stripes in fun felt that will last all the days leading up to the 4th of July and for many weeks after while the euphoria lasts even after the banners come down. My little one, who is on the cusp of preschool age but still a toddler in our book loves swinging her wand around, delights over the streamers and the occasional whacking o' the dogs goes unnoticed by the victims. I stuffed my wand extra this time because a year after my original creation made its debut, I noticed it is slumping a bit. I almost doubled the stuffing and the wand is stiff and much easier to swing and twirl.


Here's how to make your own Kid Safe Sparkler with magic steamers:

2 sheets of 9x 12 in. felt in Crystal Blue, Red and White

1 skein or leftovers of skeins in many colors or variegated colors. I used cotton for durability.

Poly stuffing

Embroidery Floss


Download and cut out the wand pattern from my downloadable Felt Wand with Magic Streamers post. Cut out the wand and wand end from the blue and then cut out various small stars from the white and small ¼- ½ in. wide stripes from the short ends of the red and white felt.



Line up the red and white stripes on a diagonal starting with the narrow end of the wand piece and using a running stitch and some embroidery floss, secure each stripe on the wand piece. You can use your own judgment on the placement. I used several stripes and 3 stars. I also used a small running stitch to outline and secure each star. Once the wand was decorated, use whip stitch up the side of the wand until you have 2 in. remaining before the narrow end of the wand.  Wrap your yarn from your hand to your elbow about 10-12 times and trim the end. Place on end of the streamer in the narrow end of the wand and continue your whip stitch to the end and then add several more stitches around the end to secure the yarn and close up the narrow end. Cut the end of the streamers so they will swirl nicely and are not big loops. Firmly stuff your wand and then whip stitch the end in place. Place in the hand of nearest child and watch the glee that erupts. 


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