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Blog of the Month: Merrick's Art

June 6, 2012

June's Blog of the Month is a whimsical sewing and crafting blog called Merrick's Art. The blog mistress is herself a commissioned oil painter as well as a fashionista. Merrick's blog is centered on apparel posts in which one article is made by her and paired with other fashionable items from her wardrobe (and she shares where you can find the same or similar items) or she "refashions" a store bought item to meet her wardrobe needs. While she does doff skinny jeans more than I can stomach (I am just not built for skinny jeans) she makes everything look good and I am jealous of her closet and flare for throwing together such put-together looks. If you are looking for a fashion-forward, yet classically chic fashion blog with much sewing to make your own looks than Merrick's Art should be at the top of your blog list.

Merrick shares many great tutorials on her blog that you don't want to miss out. My favorite is the Tank Maxi Dress. This style of dress is tops right now and with this tutorial you can make your own in just a few steps- perfect for the pool, drinks or just looking good as you go about your day. Merrick's also recently featured a great review of a slew of knits she purchased from Fabric.com and included some insight into knit purchasing and what features she looks for in knits and why. I found the curling that she documented and attributed to Lycra very interesting and hadn't really known or taken into account before but you can bet I will now. I will definitely bookmark this blog and refer to it often for fashion tips, outfits ideas and some fun sewing tutorials!

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