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Blog of the Month: Suzy Cucumber

May 16, 2012

You will love this month's Blog of the Month so much: Suzy Cucumber. I stumbled upon it while doing research on some interesting knots. I found Aimee's blog because she had some knot pillows which intrigued me so I clicked. Then my jaw dropped: I was amazing by the amount and variety of projects she had done and written about. I'm talking sewing, upholstery, painting, embroidery, hand lettering and rug making and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Seriously, you will love this blog. Not only is Aimee great to get you inspired and off your butt but she will give you some great ideas for something new to get your excited to craft again.

I am really thrilled about her 2012 project in which she will do a project from each of her library of craft books (she has over 200). The variety seems to be a full spectrum of crafting from Ukrainian egg decorating (Picture above) to tabletop rugs. Here is a list of just of few of the craft book subject she has covered to get you interested:

·         Color Cement

·         Paper Mache

·         Book and Journal Making

·         "Sew What Skirts" (I love this book!)

·         Crayon Roses (GORGEOUS)

·         Needle Felting

·         Decoupage

·         Batik Calligraphy

I only linked a few because I want you all to really check out Aimee's blog. It is incredible and fulfilling. She is a Renaissance woman and I know you all will love this blog. If one subject is not for you, you are sure to find another that is. I applaud you, Aimee, and keep it up!


All pictures are from Suzycucumber.blogspot.com

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love the picture and nice design

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