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Getting Ready for Baby: Recreate Posh Layette

April 20, 2012

According to Wikipedia a Layette consists of a collection of clothing for a new born baby but can include bedding, accessories and care items. With my first child I had a shower and received many of these items as gifts and most of them were gender neutral (I was adverse to pink and ruffles which has declined somewhat). This is good since we do not yet know the gender of our second kid and won't find out for another few weeks. I want to start working on the layette now without knowing the gender. I am going start on the easily gender neutral items such as hood towels, blankets and hats that I have seen in some posh shops but know I can make for less.

On a recent trip to Charleston, SC I popped into an adorable kid shop that was selling super soft, super cute Aden and Anais Cotton Muslin receiving blankets. They were amazing but I'm going to recreate them using our Batiste fabric self lined and using fabric paint and stamps embellish with cute little designs just like the originals.

Another Must-have baby item that I see in every magazine in my doctor's waiting room is the Redfish Kimono Onesie. I love the bell shaped sleeves and wide leg openings. Created in a green, white or red color print, these Onesies could easily cloth a sweet little boy or girl. I, of course, will be pulling fabrics from our Retro & Mod section or maybe some jersey knit prints.

I am also jonesing to knit something for the little one. I have a ton of great yarn in neutral colors (I just love the way grey pairs so well with blue or pink or yellow or green or ...). I found these amazing garter stitch hats over at Land of Nod, hand knit from cotton with a neat little tassel at the top. So easy and quick I could make 3-4 before I was sick of the pattern. I love the creative color combinations too. Must duplicate!

Finally, I found a Toweling Romper at Boden (My favorite site) and it was love at first sight. The idea is brilliant especially considering I had a robe for my first baby and that was a disaster. She hated bathes and trying to get a crying, thrashing baby into a robe that ties only was not working out. But this combo romper plus towel will dry your baby and keep him/her warm while you calm them down or assess the water damage. The store bought romper has a snap front but I am considering some Velcro to make it even faster!

This should keep me busy or 2-3 weeks. Look for my future posts where I will share the patterns and modifications for each item I make so you can recreate it too!

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Where do we get the patterns or items shown?
They are all adorable.
I am expecting my first grand child and am anxious to make or buy these if not able to make!!!

All the baby items are very cute. But the cap is the cutest one I like it the most and the blue color bell shaped shirt also looks good.

This is very lovely!
I remember my mother used to make such caps for us. That blue shirt is looking very cute.

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