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2 Springtime Rope Belts

April 27, 2012

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While many of this seasons dress are considered "billowy and flowy" and trapeze and maxi are the hot new trends, it follows that you need a great belt to really pull off these looks. The extra fabric that adds femininity and style to these styles also needs a bit of the masculine touch to cinch in your waist, add definition or a needed detail to polish your look. Many of the belts I have seen and love are the rope style. They follow the vogue of Kristl and Suzie's nautical post. These belts were inspired by popular (and expensive) designer pieces but you can make them for less and make them your own.

Mambo Braided Belt:


You will need 1 skein of Martha Stewart for Lion Brand Mambo Yarn and one fastener of your choice.

Start by evenly dividing your Mambo skein into 4 strands and braiding them according to the illustration below- Do not knot at either end, zig zag over the live strands to secure.

Cut you Mambo Braid to fit your waist minus 1-2 inch to accommodate the fastener. To finish and fasten add the fastener of your choice. You can sew your sewn ends to 2 long lengths (24 in. or longer) of 1-2 in. wide ribbon. You can add a buckle or you can make a snap clasp to secure the 2 ends.


6 Strand Rope Belt


You will need 6 times your waist measurement in Size 2 (1/4 in) cotton cording and a 4 in. wide by 24-48 in. length of quilting cotton (the length depends on how long you want your sash to be. Mine is a short, small bow of 24 in.). Fold your coding so you have 6 strands with both cut ends at one end with one loop and 3 loops at the other end. Zig zag over each end to secure. To make your sash, fold your quilting cotton along the length WS facing and using ΒΌ in. seam, stitch down one long end and across one short end. Turn and press. Fold under the open end and topstitch closed. 


Fold the sash in half and stitch one end of your rope belt (the end with the cut ends) to your sash in the center. Wrap your belt around your waist and slip one end of the sash through the other end of your belt and tie closed.  

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