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Recover your stroller Part 2- the Canopy

March 30, 2012

I would have thought recovering my canopy would be MUCH easier than the seat (see Recover your Stroller, Part 1) but WRONG. This sucker put up a fight and it was all about the plastic rods that give it shape. It was worth it to have it match the seat, plus it was faded but it was not fun. 
First, take off your canopy. Mine involved 2 screws (one on each side) to hold the metal rods in place (one rod at the front and one at the back). Once the screws are out the rods pop out and the canopy slides off. 
Next, I removed the bias tape from under the front puffy tube (pretty sure that is not a technical term) and released the puffy tube (the front metal rod slides into this puffy tube), indicated in red. Set the tube aside.
Below you can see the plastic rods. You want to stay out of their way. Which is why I, again, opted to hand stitch new panels over the polka dots.
Here is the pattern piece I traced of the polka dot panel. I then added a 1 in. seam allowance all the way around and pinned it in place and hand sewed it. 
Here is the recovered puffy tube. First measure the length and width and then cut out a piece the same size but add 2 in. to the length. Then double fold 1/2 in. hem on each short side and topstitch. Next, carefully fold the cover over the puffy tube and stitch is in place. It looks like I used a 1/2 seam but I really just felt the edge of the puffy tube and stitch right against it. Pin and stitch the puffy tube back onto the canopy being carefully of those slippery plastic rods (I handstitched over them since my machine refused. but only for an 1 in. or so and only on one side) Then reapply the bias tape making sure to trim your puffy tube seam before hand. Or if yours doesn't quite fit like mine, make your own. 

Then, slide your metal tubes back in place and pop them back onto the stroller frame. Secure with your screws and you are done. I love this and feel it really completes the whole recovered stroller but the canopy took as long if not a bit longer than the seat recover because the plastic rods were so sneaky and slippery and the bias tape just didn't want to fit back on. I did not recover the plastic rod covers because they were so slippery and sneaky. I figure if I don't like the light blue I can color them with a fabric marker in any color. 

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Hi, could you give me a ballpark idea of how much fabric to do the stroller and shade? Also, am I crazy for thinking I can do this as a beginning seamstress? :)
Thanks and awesome job!

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