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Recover your stroller

March 28, 2012

You many have noticed that I have been a little off lately. Perhaps not as chatty on Facebook or not as witty in my posts that is because I am expecting a new addition to our family in Sept. Morning sickness was a close friend in my first and now my second pregnancy. However, this time around it seems a bit easier so I have been tackling projects as I can until I am back up to speed. I am taking this slow time to get to all those projects that I have planned but not attempted. A new baby has given me a real reason to recover my stroller (you may remember last year I pledged to do so on Facebook but ended up using the fabric for Cafe Curtains instead). Well, I had enough left over to recover my stroller and I want to break it down and show you how to recreate it for yourself. 
First, I took the old seat off. This involved many screws and some snaps and clips (under the seat). It was really easy and you can see more below in the reassembly pictures. Once off, I washed the cover according to the directions. 
Next, I examined the seat to see where I could dissameble. I ended up not ripping too many seams because there were so many and I was afraid that I would miss something on reassembly. So I kept it simple, stupid (KISS) and decided to sew a cover over top the old one since it was really just faded and a bit worn. The new fabric is Outdoor Fabric so this should resist fading a bit more. Below are the seams I did rip (in red) and those I did not (in green). The green indicates that there are pockets behind and mutliple seams. There is another flap that I removed is on the underside of the foot rest with a plastic plate to keep the foot rest rigid when using as a bassinet.
Here is a close up of one of the seams I ripped off. 
Here is a close up of the flap on the underside of the foot rest. The seam was double stitched and here I am working through the first seam. 
Now, all the seams I am going to rip have been and the rest is all tucked underneath so I can trace the shape on the WS of the fabric. 
Here it is all traced out and with a 1/2 in. seam allowance added. Looking back I wish I would have added an 1 in. seam allowance.
After tracing the shape, transfer all the button holes onto the cover. Transfer their placement and size. Each are a different length. I was able to sew the shoulder strap buttonholes with my buttonhole foot but the rest were too long for that. I used a very thin zig zag stitch (1-1.5). 
After all the buttonholes are sewn and opened, place your cover onto your seat and pull through all the straps and pin the cover in place at each strap. Next fold under and pin the new cover in place over the old cover all the way around.
Now you can start to sew on your cover with your machine. Topstitch using a 1/4 to 1/2 in. allowance. I was only able to machine stitch from the middle, down around the foot rest and back up to the start of the pockets I mentioned not ripping earlier. Then I hand stitched the rest. It is a bit of a pain but I didn't want to rip those pockets out and it seemed like a real hassle to try machine sewing around them. Plus, I just watched a good movie while I did it. Next, I sewed the parts I did rip back on.
Now it is time to reassemble. Each stroller will be different but mine (a Graco Quattro Deluxe) was pretty easy.
assemble col.jpg
Here is where I hand stitched so you will know more specifically. It really didn't take that long and was much easier than manuvering the sewing machine around the pockets. (By pockets I mean the pocket that hold the seat cover onto the seat frame and the canopy you see behind the seat below that folds down when the seat is reclined)
It is so lovely!

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This is absolutly fanatatic.

I have never seen re-done stroller cushions. But you are right on - why not!! This is such a cool recycling idea I just love it.!!

Very impressive!!



good job. Wanted your suggestion? How easy would it to be even cover the pockets? I mean the fabric which holds the seat to the frame?

I am thinking of changing my daughters graco seat covers. Your input would be appreciated.

BTW, in the sun canopy, did you change the whole of fabric only on the outside (seen in the sun) or even inside? (although its in, wondering if that will give a whole new face lift to the stroller)

Thanks in advance

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