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Edwardian Cruise Lines: Gent's Edition

March 25, 2012

This edition of the "From Screen to Closet" series goes out to all the men in the house (and the women who sew for them)!


Over the last couple of weeks, I've posted about my dress prep for 100-year anniversary Titanic parties. But of course, I'll need my handsome escort to join me! I'm lucky to have a husband who is totally up for costumed events. He has a couple of late-Victorian suits, so after a little discussion, we decided on a brocade Edwardian dressing gown for him.


A quick historical note about this particular fashion trend. Gentlemen of the era really would come home at the end of the day and change out of their suit jacket into one of these dressing gowns for the remainder of the pre-bedtime evening. The trousers, shirt and tie were still worn under the dressing gown. As the fascination with all things of the Orient was at a fever pitch in this era, I have a sneaking suspicion that many a gent fancied himself as the perfect emulation of the Emperor of China in his fine brocade robe.


The beauty of this project is that it starts with a basic bathrobe pattern -- Kwik Sew 3177 is a perfect candidate. It's nice to be able to put together a menswear project without having to worry about tailoring!


I used Chinese brocade for the body of the robe, and made a lining with China silk.


I really only made five changes to the pattern:

--  I added a breast pocket in lieu of patch pockets.

-         --   Instead of the banded edge to the robe opening, I cut a basic shawl collar out of velveteen.

-          -- I added velveteen cuffs to the sleeves.

-          -- As mentioned above, I lined it.

-          -- I made bias tape out of duchess satin and ran it around the edge of the belt tie.

Even if you skip any or all of these additions, a robe made out of brocade with a velvet or velveteen edge would fit the bill for a Titanic or Edwardian inspired evening under the stars.

Behold, my handsome husband, ready to enjoy a snifter of brandy in the lounge.








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I almost forgot that it is already 100 years ago that we lost the Titanic to the ocean. With the stories around it, the Titanic is so alive as if it just had happened.

I like the dressing gown. Very nice work.


Nice designs, loved the collection.

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