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Blog of the Month: Made on Main Street

March 14, 2012


In my research for the Sophia Carry-all (I like to find tips, mistakes and recommendations from other bloggers before I start a project) I of course had to check out some weekender projects. Since I tried to make my Sophia more like the Weekender I did some checking to see which features people really liked about the weekender and incorporate them into my Sophia. It was on this foray into the Weekender that I found Made on Main Street's blog. Her weekender is gorgeous and I had to see more of her good works.

Jill (The blog mistress) is a mom of 2 kids who works in the design/architecture industry. It is this eye for detail that really stands out when you check out her quilts. They are stunning and really quite different. I admire her use of space and that each quilt is not overwhelmed by details. Her use of fabric is equally as fun. Jill has an Etsy shop where she sells her wonderful quilt top templates.


Reading her blog, you can travel with Jill and sneak a peek at the exploits of her silly kiddos as well as behold all her wonderful quilting projects. You can glean some great inspiration for projects such as the Weekender (she added some hidden pockets, awesome bag feet and an adjustable shoulder strap). As much as I love her blog and the projects it holds, I would really love to get a look at her schedule. How does she fit all those amazing quilting projects in while working with 2 kids? Maybe a future post on that, Jill?

You can read more about Jill and her amazing quilting skills as her blog: Made on Main Street

You can purchase your own Amy Butler Weekender Pattern here 

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The pillow and the quilt are absolutely pretty. What a great design.
I wished I'd have that talent ...


This are both beautiful designs. The second one reminds me of oranges.

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