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Ask the Expert- Knitting Episode 2

March 23, 2012

Ask the Expert- Knitting

Q: What is a good way to knit in the round if I don't have a cable needle the correct length?

A: As long as you have a cable needle the correct gauge you can knit in the round. If your cable needle is longer than the recommended length you can try using the Magic Loop method. Or if you have 2 cable needles the correct gauge you can knit in the round using the 2 needle method. If you need to make something small in diameter I would recommend DPN (Double Pointed Needles).

Q: I don't do a lot of knitting in the spring and summer. What is the best way to store my yarn for the fall?

A: It depends on what kind of storage you have. If you have a cool dark area to tuck away your yarn than you can get away with a clear plastic bit with a bit of paper or fabric at the bottom. The clear plastic will allow you to see your yarn and the paper or fabric can absorb any moisture in the box. It you don't have a cool dark place, at least find a cool place and then store your yarn in a dark colored plastic bin. The dark color will obscure your view but will also block any light that can fade your colors. The cool area will keep the moisture and mold level under control.

Q: I am halfway (or more) from finishing a project but don't have enough yarn. I don't want to buy more. How do I finish my project?

A: You have 3 options:
                1) Frog your project (This means rip is back and start over with another yarn or use the yarn for another project)
                2) Find shortcuts you can live with to finish your project in that yarn. If it is a sweater than you can shorten the sleeves or omit a tricky cable at the bottom or use a looser stitch pattern. If it is a blanket or scarf, you can make it smaller or omit a fancy border or fringe

                3) Finish it in another color. Should your project be a scarf or blanket that does call for a fancy border work it up in a complimentary color. The same with a sweater, you can add the complimentary color at the neckline, cuffs or button bands. Add the right color will look like a pattern detail not a work around.

Q: I sometimes put my knitting down for months at a time. It really helps me stay relaxed but sometimes I have trouble staying interested. What do you do to stay into knitting year round/

A: I have magazine subscriptions which deliver knitting goodies to my door every month that make me want to pick up my needles. I have this blog which means I have to prowl for great knitting ideas several times a month. And when I have free time, I check out some of my favorite site which includes Ravelry and Pinterest. Even if I don't feel like knitting I still love to look at knitting. Checking out these sites not only feeds that desire but it also shows me inspiration that is often undeniable. It is not long after I stop at one of these sites, read a new magazine or find something for this blog that I have 3-4 new projects on my needles.
Side note: I love knitting in the summer because it is easy to do in the heat. Yes, the fibers aren't compatible with the weather but the project are small, it doesn't require a lot of movement and it is a craft I can do while lounging in the chair and sipping on lemonade. You can't say that about sewing!


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