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The Fabric Maverick gives you the secret of making men happy!

February 12, 2012

Love and romance was so simple when I was in grade school, no one was left out. Everyone received a valentine.  I carefully chose the packages of mini valentines in the theme of my choice. Barbie was popular for girls. I know today you can pick from Scooby Doo, Cars, Dora the Explorer and more! I spent an incredible amount of time selecting the valentines to go to each person in my class. The teacher created a special post office box where we mailed our valentines. On Valentine's Day, one lucky person delivered the valentines! Handmade valentines of red construction paper, paper doilies and bits and pieces of trim decorated our classroom.  At home my mother and I created a special valentine for the teacher.  Of course, valentine cupcakes were the perfect ending to the day. Everyone went home with their special valentines and treats.

Teenage years were not so joyous! Everybody did not get a valentine and sometimes you got a valentine you really didn't want! It isn't easy to be a teenager.  Once you get by the teenage years, it hopefully gets easier. Of course, I have discovered it is pretty easy to please women on Valentine's Day, but what about men?  I have always found it difficult to buy men presents- whether it is Christmas, a birthday or Valentine's Day. Impossible! This year I decided to go directly to the source-men. I persuaded the manly men from the IT  and marketing departments to break the man silence and let me in on the secret of making a guy happy at Valentine's Day! According to guys in IT and marketing, this is what they want:

1.       Sports carrying bag or tote.

2.       Remote/Magazine caddy for couch or chair.

3.       Beer cozy

4.       Trendy Hats for the chilly season

Of course, there is always one that wants a 'hall pass' to skip Valentine's Day altogether. Of course, all these gifts would be accompanied by a well cooked meal for two. Who said romance was dead? Perhaps if we follow this advice, we might get the love letters, chocolate, flowers and bling-bling that all women want.

Chef Bubba has a quick trick to create a Valentine sweet treat (no cooking required):

6 Sugar Cones

M&M's or similar candy


Curly ribbon


Wrap a ½ cup of M&M's in cellophane and place in a sugar cone. Wrap the entire sugar cone in cellophane and tie a curly ribbon around the tip. You can attach a valentine's card with a paper punch. Voila! Ready to give to your beloved.


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