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Blog of the Month: True Up

February 27, 2012


This month we submit to you as Blog of the Month: Trueup.net. This wonderful and informative blog is basically a mainline for everything fabric. You can find the newest designers, colorways and find great pictures of new and coming-soon fabric lines. TrueUp is not just limited to new fabric alerts, you can find great project inspirations, information of exisiting fabrics, sales alerts and fabric design.

Trueup also features a Fabric Design forum where you can find all the info your designing heart desires on: Creating, Repeats, Printing and Licensing. You can find others who have been successful in fabric design and many more who are beginners looking to express themselves creatively or to make it their career.

Trueup is a great site to help you find certain types of fabric. They feature a Liberty of London Source Guide as well as Linen, Wool and Vintage Fabric. You can be sure Trueup's list is inclusive because she encourages submissions of fabric sites that are missing from each list at the bottom of the page. It is a great resource for hard to find linen prints and Liberty of London outside of London.

In the Sales Alert, Trueup encourages shop owner's to give them the head's up on sales so they can alert you but it is important to follow the guidelines. You (the buyer) can also head over there on Fridays to find out the newest sales on fabric, notions and patterns.

Finally, you can purchase a copy of the Trueup book to fabric design which promises to provide the techniques needed to create, print and sell your own fabric designs. It is a very thorough and well written book that if it doesn't completely cover everything you need to know to design your own good-looking fabric, it doesn't fall far short. The pictures are great and then text is simple enough for a beginner to understand without being too handhold-y to bore the more advanced.

Bottomline is: if you love fabric then why are you a fan of Trueup.net already!

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