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Thread organization

January 16, 2012

The elephant in the corner of very sewing space/room/studio seems to be thread organization. It has always been my nemesis but this year I am tackling it. If I can find a way to stop stacking them up next to my sewing machine as I change colors or tossing them into a HUGE zip top bag...  
The trick is the desire to change. A sure fire way to bring about change is to make it pretty. Pretty and sewing go hand in hand just as thread and organization should also go hand in hand. Let's make thread organization pretty and I am sure we will have our solution.

Now my mom prefers the old standard that can be found in most big box craft stores and it works for her but I need something with character, vintage and a little funky. I think I would really keep up with my thread organization if it were also art. So here are some of my favorite inspirations and tutorials for fun and original thread organization.

This beautiful framed thread collection hangs on your wall and allows for extra surface space on your sewing or cutting table. Not only is it a gorgeous aged bright yellow but it can be built as big as your thread collection. This tutorial by Grey Luster Girl is very popular on Pinterest because it is a great art piece for non-sewers as well as fabric lovers!

I love the free form shape of Copy & Paste's thread wall piece looks like a piece of seaweed floating through the ocean covered in thread barnacles. It appears that she cut the piece with a jigsaw, sanded it, added nails or added nails to a purchased or found piece. Either way it is amazing and stunning when fully decorated. You could create your own with a jig saw or wall letters that spell out "Sew", "Craft" or "Create".

thread organization

Finally there is the thread organization I fell in love with. This is an antique typesetter's drawer that I found in my parents' basement. The compartments were the perfect size for spools and when they are lined up by color the rainbow effect really draws the eye in my sewing room and makes me very happy. It has been quite successful in helping my stick to my thread organization goal. You can try to find something similar or you can use a table tray with paint stick dividers or a shadow box and square dowels. Stain it lightly with tea or coffee to give it a real aged finish. 

Check out our new Organization Board on Pinterest. Use it to inspire you to stay true to your new year's resolution to stay organized!

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