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Spring fashion inspiration and picking fabric

January 7, 2012

I am all geared up for spring. I am tired of knitting heavy sweaters and wearing them. I am ready for cute dress, silky shirts and light pants. Some of my favorites stores are all stocked up in all the above which makes them the perfect stalking ground for inspiration. Let's fill those closets with something new to spice up your wardrobe and help you pick fabrics to make your dreams a reality. 
First find some key pieces that will really fill in the holes in your wardrobe. Pick some classic silhouettes that you can wear year after year. Below I have selected a button down blouse, maxi dress and a pair of slimming knit pants. Notice what it is you really love about each piece and base your fabric selections on that characteristic. Take the polka dot blouse below as an example. Do you love the silky body of the the blouse or the polka dots. If is the the silky texture than choose some of our Radiance Cotton Silk. If it the the Dots that catch your eye, choose a lightweight poplin or satin to recreate the dot detail. 

Shirt from j.crew

Maxi Dress: To recreate this boss v-neck maxi dress use our Jalie T-shirt Pattern modified to maxi length using Shannon's blog post on creating maxis. Since we don't carry the exact coral stripe fabric perhaps recreate your dress in a similar color or texture. I have chosen a gorgeous berry color slub jersey that will blend well with my skin tone better. 

dress from nordstroms

To recreate these slimming and comfy knit pants, use a pj pants pattern but cut it one size smaller. Make sure it is straight from the knee down. Try using a thicker interlock rather than the jersey this pair is made from. The thicker interlock will wear better, won't be see through and will hold its shape better than a t-shirt jersey. I love our Organic Interlocks especially in the purple. It is very close to navy and dark enough to be slimming and not too purple. Go for a deep hem (2-3 in.) at the cuff to allow your pants to sit on the foot like the inspiration pant. 
pants from landsend

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So nice and so fashion! I like this!

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