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Herb Pocket

January 2, 2012

herb pocket

If your New Year's Resolution is to get better sleep or to create a more inviting guest room, this project is perfect for you. An Herb Pocket is a cute little pocket that you can add onto the back of any pillow to tuck in a sachet of herbs designed to promote better sleep, relaxation or well being. This is great for your bed, couch or guest suite. Different herbs offer different aromatherapy so find which combo works best for you or your guests. You can make several sachets with different dried herb combos and switch them out. The removable sachet can also be heated to amplify the relaxing scent. Each sachet is made from linen and embroidered with a small picture of the herb hidden inside. A decorative pocket is attached to the back of the pillow or pillowcase (you can even sew it to the inside of the pillowcase for added comfort) with a button flap to ensure the herb sachet stays secure inside. Here's how to make your own Herb Pocket:

herb pocket2


1/4 yd (makes 6-7 sachets) of 100% linen for sachets

1/4 yd (makes 6-7 pockets) of 100% linen or lightweight cotton for pockets

 1/2in. to 5/8 in. buttons

Dried herbs

herb pocket3


Download and cut your Herb Pocket pattern piece. Cut 2 from linen for sachet, cut 1 from linen or cotton for pocket and cut 1 from cotton for pocket flap.

Embroider one piece of linen with the herb of your choice

Take 2 pieces of linen (one with embroidery) and with RS together sew 3 sides with 1/2 in. seam. Clip Corners, turn and press. Fill with dried herbs and stitch opening closed.

Take pocket flap and fold in half RS together. Stitch along 2 short sides with ¼ in. seam. Clip corners, turn and press.  Fold down top ¼ in. and press toward WS of flap. Mark center of flap for the buttonhole. Place buttonhole ¼ in. from bottom of flap. Set flap aside.

Fold ¼ in. on all sides of pocket and press toward WS. Pin on pillow or pillowcase and topstitch around 3 sides, leaving top open. Pin flap ¼ in. above the top of the pocket, sew in place along the fold line on the wrong side (when flap is closed stitch line will be hidden). Mark button placement by folding down flap and marking on the pocket. Sew button in place. Insert herb pocket and enjoy.

I love to place the herb pocket towards the front when I use them in the guest room so my guests can see it and I can tell them how to use. I sewed my husband's on the inside of his pillowcase because he sleeps with his hands under his pillow. I also placed one on the pillow on my little's one reading chair. 

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I love this idea and I look forward to using it. One of the things I make for gifts.. is pillow cases. And I think this is just the thing that could be encluded as I am making them. And since I ammaking a pair of especially femine ones for a close friend that's coming into time next week, I cannot wait to incorporate this little Herb Pockethone th pillow case. I would think that the herbs would be in a small removeable packet inside of the pocket so it can be removed when ready for the laundry. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Thanks for this beautiful information! Really I Bookmarked this.

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