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Organic Ombre 1 Yard Shawl

December 21, 2011

Ombre Shawl1

If you are looking for a quick, fun, gorgeous project for your green friends, look no further. With 1 yard of amazing Organic French Terry and 1 bottle of Rit Dye, you can create a dreamy and luxe gift that is green in more ways than one. 1 yard is the perfect size for a cozy wrap for weekend date night, weeknight movie on the couch or just curling up with a nice ball of yarn in your favorite chair. Since the fabric is knit, you don't have to hem. In fact, I dig the curled and rough cut edges, it lends well to the green and natural foundation of the project. Creating the ombre look is easier than it seems and really fun.


1 bottle of liquid dye (I used Kelly Green Rit)

2-3 gallons of hot water

1 wire hanger

1 yard Organic French Terry in Natural

Table Salt

Ombre Shawl2

Ombre Shawl3

To begin, soak your fabric in warm water- don't start with dry fabric. Next, heat your water and add 4 capfuls of your dye plus 1 tbsp of salt. Stir until the dye solution is hot. You can either move your solution to a larger receptacle or if your pot is big enough to hold the solution and fabric then keep it at a simmer on your stove. Fold your yard of fabric in half lengthwise and wrap the folded end (the middle) around the hanger to help you manage it (I secured my hanger on my microwave right above the stove- helped relieve some of the weight) and submerge 1/3 of your fabric into the dye solution and hold it for 5-6 min, swishing it around the entire time. Next add another 1/3 of your fabric into the solution by unwinding it from the hanger. Keep this submerged for 3-4 min. Next, you can either submerge the remainder of your fabric for 1 min to give the whole shawl a base color or you can slowly pull and wring out your fabric, leaving the middle white. Rinse out your fabric starting at the lightest end and letting the water and dye run down towards the darker color. Rinse until the water runs clear and no more dye is rinsed off. Wash your shawl in warm water and ½ the usual amount of detergent. Dry on warm in the dryer and you are done. You have created a one of a kind piece that was fun and green. Use this technique to create other Ombre pieces- just remember all natural fibers except dye differently but artificial fibers are the toughest to dye. 

Ombre Shawl4

Ombre Shawl5

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