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Moustache Pillowcase

December 28, 2011

moustache1.jpg For my brother's Christmas Gift, I knew it had to be avant garde. He is a pretty cool guy but a typical gift is not going to cut it, mostly because he has most things. He is a little off the cuff so something just as unique and funny is what I needed for this year's gift. I immediately thought of the moustache trend and how to incorporate it. Eventually, I stumbled across this site and it was a "Eureka!" moment. I would make my own moustache pillowcases using cotton and some ultrasuede. It was fun and easy; here's how to make your own.

Moustache Pattern.jpg


2.5 yds lightweight cotton (for 2 pillowcase or one complete moustache)

1 yd ultrasuede

1 yd Heat n' Bond

1)      Make your pillowcases using lightweight cotton in a solid color. Pattern will detract from the appliqué too much. You can use this pillowcase pattern from our blog or my pillow sham pattern

2)      Download and print your Moustache pattern piece and trace onto the Heat n' Bond. Make sure you flip the pattern piece before tracing the second moustache piece so they are mirror images.

3)       Iron your Heat n' Bond onto the back of the ultrasuede and cut out pattern pieces.

4)      Peel off the paper backing of one moustache piece and line it up on your pillowcase along the seam line not the opening of the pillow case. Tilt the center of the moustache up a bit so it looks natural. Once you are satisfied with the placement, iron it in place. Repeat for second pillow case.

5)      Topstitch your moustache pieces in place using coordinating thread.

This makes a great gift for a guy in your life. You can try experimenting with different moustache fabrics but I love the ultrasuede because it is warm and soft like a good Tom Selleck moustache. You can use faux fur for a real Texas moustache or felt for a sophisticated New York moustache. 


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Hahah, that is genius!

By the way, thanks for the comment on my blog.. Yeah, I love my fur-babies!! =)

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