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Christmas Is Coming: Quick cover your pillows!

December 2, 2011

Xmas Flannel Pillow1

I have no idea why but whenever I plan to decorate for Christmas my first thought is: Pillow covers. I guess it is because being a knitter I spend a lot of time curled up on or staring at the couch so of course I want to decorate it first. AND I love a good cozy pillow, so this year when I planned my pillow covers for Christmas I was drawn to flannel. Flannel everything- background, appliqués, you name it. And no zippers as well, they ruin the coziness. No need to take notes, you can just add these pictures to your Pinterest boards. Last year I made a pillow from Velvet with I-cord embroidery and it was soft and squishable as a pillow should be but I was always worried about my little one pulling off the I-cord so this year I went all out. We are talking Heat n' Bond and zig zagging all over the place. I even managed to couch on some yarn for the ornament hangers. All easy and all so soft and cozy.

Xmas Flannel Pillow2


1 yd of Flannel for pillow cover (I used Quilter's Flannel 90 in. Wide in Natural)

½ yd of flannel for ornaments (I used Cozy Cotton Flannel Grid Marine)

A smidge of wool felt for the hangers on ornament in Red

10 yds of wool yarn in Navy

Heat N Bond

Hot Pattern Giving Thanks Pillow Cover Pattern


Xmas Flannel Pillow3


First find an image of an ornament that you love and print it out. I did a quick search of Ornament Clip Art.

Trace this image onto the back of your Heat N Bond 3 times and cut  out all images in one big piece (don't cut out each ornament shape yet) and apply, according to instructions, to the back of your green flannel. Now cut out each ornament, peel off the paper and arrange on your pillow cover made from Hot Patterns Giving Thanks Pillow Cover Pattern in White Flannel. Once you have an arrangement you like, iron your pieces in place. Cut out little squares roughly ½ by ½ in. from some wool felt. Wool felt is a little too thick for Heat n Bond so I like to keep it in place with a glue stick. Zig Zag stitch around your complete ornament. Finish off by pinning some navy wool yarn from your ornament to the top of your pillow. Slowly Zig zag stitch over your yarn keeping an eye on it so it doesn't creep out of place. Trim all loose threads and enjoy!

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