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December 5, 2011


Our Blog of the Month is back by popular demand but before I introduce new blogs, I would love to take you back and revisit our previous Blog of the Month winners. First up is StacySews.com. Stacy Sews is one of my favorite blogs because Stacy has sewn everything and sewn it well. But it is not just the knowledge that Stacy keeps in her sewing kit but that she freely shares her knowledge on her blog. Stacy has made Thursday popular because it is Linky Thursday. I love to discover new tutorials and products on Thursday and I am sure many bloggers covet a bump in statistics from Stacy.

If Stacy has made it then she has blogged about it and with her blogs posts come modifications and recommendations but also a cost break down including cost of pattern, notions and fabric. You can also find a reference to where Stacy purchased her fabric in case your stash is in need of some of the same. Stacy has introduced me to many new patterns and pattern companies in the several years that I have been a faithful reader. You can also find more from Stacy in popular sewing magazines such as Sew News, Sew It All, and Sewing Republic.


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Thank you so much for the links! I LOVE adding new blogs to my collection almost as much as I love adding new FABRIC to my stash!

The Sewing Republic link didn't work for now; maybe it will be up in the near future? I'll keep my eye out for it.

Thanks for all of the sewing tutorials, tips, and head-ups this past year! They have been encouraging and enticing; I've even tried a few!

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