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The Fabric Maverick says... Remember those who have fought for our freedom!

November 11, 2011

Normandy Beach.jpg

The picture above is of Normandy Beach June 6, 2001. It is difficult to imagine how this scene must have looked on June 6, 1944, when the Allies invaded Europe to fight the Nazis in World War II. There were five landing beaches among them was Omaha beach. Many of the soldiers landing at this beach drown in the pounding waves or were cut down by German machine-gun fire. Only 60% percent of the American dead were able to be sent back to their homeland. The remaining heroes are interred at either the Normandy American Cemetery or another cemetery in Brittany. There are over 9,000 soldiers buried at the Normandy American Cemetery.  As I stood there, I was overwhelmed at the sight of row after row of American graves. 


These young men and women gave up their lives to preserve our freedoms and liberties. The same is true for the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the seemingly endless war in Iraq. What would our world be like if these young people had been able to live their lives to the fullest? It is time to reflect on their sacrifices as we approach Veterans Day. I know everyone is grateful for a day off from their hard work but take a few moments to appreciate what these young people have given up. Do not think about just the dead. Think also about the young soldiers facing danger and boredom everyday. Honor them also. Think also about the many soldiers' families that are without a father or mother while they serve in the military. It is not easy to deal with everyday problems with only one parent in the family and having to make financial decisions with very limited resources. To some of us, war is very far away but for those with loved ones in the war it is an everyday event. Please say a prayer for all of these and pray for understanding to end all wars.  I believe humanity can better be served by finding the answers to disease, hunger and creating opportunities equally for all.

May all the soldiers everywhere know that we appreciate their efforts on our behalf. Bless you and have a Happy Veterans Day!


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What a wonderful post! Just looking at the photos give me chills. I've printed this post and putting it on my bulletin board for others to see. Thank you for your thoughts.

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